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What does Wineknowledge mean?

Cantina d'Italia

Wineknowledge means tradition. Anita and Enrico Zonin belong to a family that has been devoted to the wine making industry for 7 generations.

Wineknowledge means understanding the market needs. Cantina d'Italia produces and offers the most requested Italian wines on the market.

Wineknowledge means quality. Anita and Enrico's focus has always been on giving the best quality at the best price.

Wineknowledge means connections. That is how Cantina d'Italia has been working for several years and still does. Our networking broaden from family owned wineries to cooperatives guaranteeing this way everyday consumption wines to top quality ones to our customers.

Wineknowledge means flexibility: Are you looking for some specific varieties? Cantina d'Italia has a tailor made approach and will find it for you!

Wineknowledge means service: We know our costumers need to save time and money. Cantina d'Italia offers its own wines as well as a complete Italian wine portfolio. Basically you choose which wines you want and we will handle the relationship with the producer that sells them. As part of the service you will get transport included and just one invoice. So even if you are getting different wines from many different producers, the paperwork is kept to a minimum as we are your only contact. Simple and easy as taking a sip of your favourite wine!

Our Wineknowledge at your service for less ! Save time, save money, get the wine!

Our successful wines:

Cavalier Dario
Poggio Civetta
Barone di Bernaj